Statement on Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Outbreak

The FCS has been monitoring the developments regarding the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak and the impact on global travel to the Boston Congress. We have made the decision to postpone the meeting.  New dates will be advised shortly.


Flow Chemistry Congress 2021 | April 2021 (Dates to be Confirmed)
The Wyndham Boston Beacon Hill Hotel, Boston, MA

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Welcome Address: Ferenc Darvas, Chairmam, Flow Chemistry Society

Tim Noel, Associate Professor, Eindhoven University of Technology
Innovation in Synthetic Methodology Development Through Flow Chemistry
In this presentation, we will give a selection of our synthetic methodology development, exemplified by photoredox catalysis, C–H activation chemistry and electrochemistry and how these synthetic methods were impacted by continuous-flow microreactor technology.

Shawn Collins, Professor, University of Montreal
Photochemical Macrocyclization in Flow
Efforts to render photochemical macrocyclization a pratical and useful technique for the synthesis of large ring compounds will be discussed. Through the combination of new chemistry and continuous flow techniques, the goal of continuous synthesis of macrocycles on gram scale can be achieved.

Networking with Exhibitors and Coffee

Matt Beaver, Senior Scientist, Amgen
Title to be Confirmed

Speaker to be Announced

Networking with Exhibitors and Lunch

Tim Jamieson, Professor, MIT
Title to be Confirmed

Andre Charette, Professor, University of Montreal
Using Continuous Flow Synthesis to Solve Problems in Total Synthesis and in Methodology Development
This talk will illustrate by several examples, how useful continuous flow synthesis is for solving daily problems that are encountered in a synthetic organic chemistry laboratory.

Emily Corcoran, Researcher, Merck
Developing a Strategy for Scaling Photoredox Chemistry in Flow
This presentation highlights efforts within the flow chemistry group at MRL to define an approach to scale up photoredox reactions using continuous flow. The elucidation of an empirical scaling factor by studying the performance of a photoredox cross-coupling reaction will be discussed.

Networking with Exhibitors and Coffee

Nathan Collins, Chief Strategy Officer, SRI International
Accelerating the rate of chemistry innovation through automated flow synthesisExamples of how SynFini is used in the synthesis of diverse and increasing complex molecules, as well as applications in novel molecular discovery will be presented.

David Smith, Vertex
Title to be Confirmed

Amanda Evans, Scientist, Livermore National Lab
Continuous Biocatalytic/Chiroptical Manufacturing Approaches for Making Useful Molecules
Novel asymmetric continuous manufacturing approaches for producing products essential to industry will be discussed.

Poster Party

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Klavs Jensen, Professor, MIT
Integrating of Machine Learning, Automation, and Flow Chemistry
Flow chemistry in a robot configured system and droplet-screening systems exemplify advances in machine learning, automation and experimental techniques for optimization of flow chemistry processes. 

Adrian Amador, Scientist, Snapdragon Chemistry

Efficient Optimization and Predictable Scaling of Photochemical Reactions Using Modern Technologies
Over the last decade there has been a rapid growth in new photochemical transformations using both direct substrate irradiation and photocatalysis. Many of these transformations have added enabling bond disconnections that were otherwise not possible using thermal reaction pathways. Due to limitations of light penetration into batch reaction vessels, flow chemistry has proven vital in the scaling of these types of reactions. Developing a structured and efficient approach to the optimization of these reactions on lab scale and being able to predict the scaling of the chemistry to larger scale photoreactors will allow a critical path for process development. This presentation will highlight the efforts at Snapdragon Chemistry, Inc. to develop an efficient approach in developing scalable photochemical processes. Our approach leverages custom reactor design, modern automated workflows, as well as mechanistic and statistical modeling to gain key process insights required during lab scale development. Several case studies will be presented which show the use of these technologies for the rapid optimization and predictive scaling of the process.


Sal Mascia, Founder and CEO, CONTINUUS Pharmaceuticals
Title to be Confirmed

Networking with Exhibitors and Coffee


Sharpe Event Management is organising the 2021 Flow Chemistry Congress Conference on behalf of The Flow Chemistry Society and is delighted to welcome you to this event in Boston, MA.

The society aims to unite and represent those who are actively working in this rapidly developing field.  The selected speakers include chemists and engineers, from both industry and academia. Sessions will cover emerging technologies and applications of flow chemistry as well as new technological advances in high throughput chemistry.  Running alongside the conference will be an exhibition covering the latest technological advances in the area of flow chemistry with companies exhibiting from Europe, US, as well as Asia/Pacific.


Conference Chair: Aaron Beeler, Professor, Boston University

Timothy NoelKeynote Speaker: Timothy Noel, Associate Professor, Eindhoven University of Technology

Keynote Speaker: Timothy Jamison, Professor, MIT

Keynote Speaker: Klavs Jensen, Professor, MIT

More information to follow…
  • Advances in Flow Devices and Engineering
  • Analytical Techniques for Flow Chemistry
  • Industrial Process and Manufacturing
  • Multistep Synthesis in Flow
  • Flow Reaction Methods
  • Flow Applications in Material Science
  • Space Chemistry
  • High Throughput Chemistry Technologies

Chairman: Aaron Beeler, Professor, Boston University
Keynote: Tim Jamison, Professor, MIT
Keynote: Klavs Jensen, Professor, MIT
Keynote: Timothy Noel, Associate Professor, Eindhoven University of Technology
Adrian Amador, Scientist, Snapdragon Chemistry
Matt Beaver, Director of Process Development, Amgen
Anne-Catherine Bedard, Senior Chemist, Chemical Science, Core R&D, Dow Chemical
Andre Charette, Professor, University of Montreal
Nathan Collins, Chief Strategy Officer, SRI International
Shawn Collins, Professor, University of Montreal
Emily Corcoran, Senior Scientist, Merck
Amanda Evans, Scientist, Livermore National Lab
Salvatore Mascia, Founder & CEO, CONTINUUS Pharmaceuticals
Allan Myerson, Professor, MIT
Jana Stoudemire, Commercial Innovation Officer, Space Tango
Nick Thompson, Senior Director, Pfizer Inc
Jason Williams, Senior Postdoc, University of Graz
Danielle Wood, Assistant Professor, MIT

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